Rules / General Information

If you are interested in having a free profile on the website, please note that you must be a female, age 18 or older, and you must live in the United States or Canada. Currently we do not accept models on this website from other overseas locations.

The website is currently a free promotional website, and we do not pay models to have their profile shown on this website. The goal of this website is that a photographer might see your profile, and that they might contact you to arrange a photoshoot.

Models should provide 4 photos for the portfolio webpage. The photos do not have to be professional photos, but really poor quality photos will not be accepted. Photos with implied nudity or artistic nudity are generally acceptable, depending on the pose. (Photos with explicit nudity are not acceptable). All photos must be of the model only (two models can not be shown in the same photo). It is preferred that at least one photo is a full body shot, and at least one photo (your avatar) can not have any nudity. The avatar photo (main photo) must show your face, but it does not need to be a headshot (in fact it could be a full body shot). The photos should be of the model, and not photos from a vacation, photos of the family, etc. Photos of models appearing in tear sheets or other advertisements are not permitted. It is the models responsibility that she either owns the copyright or has permission to post the photo(s) in her profile.

Each model is encouraged to use a stage name (not their real name) in their profile. Each model should have a short "Bio" in their profile, between 50 characters and 500 characters long. No negative text about other models, photographers, etc. is permitted in the models Bio.

Only one profile per website is permitted. A model is able to have a profile on some of our other model related websites (if applicable), and a list of the websites can be seen below (scroll down). Please note that if a model chooses to be on, some of the 4 photos should be of the model wearing lingerie. If a model chooses to be on, then the model should be wearing a bikini or other swimwear. If a model has no tattoos (or only tiny photos that can hardly be seen) and chooses to be on, then the profile will likely be declined.

Pornographic photos are not acceptable, and there shall be no adult logos, adult text, or vulgar language shown on a photo. No links to adult websites, escort services, etc. are permitted. Photos related to hate, violence (including guns), blood / gore, vulgar expressions, groping / grabbing, overly erotic, etc. are not permitted.

Unlike some websites, this website is not intended for a model to change her photos on a daily basis. Generally we will allow a model to have her photo(s) changed about once per month.

We (, LLC, the operator of this website) do not claim ownership in any of the models photos appearing on this website. The model must grant us permission though to resize their photos to fit in the designated space on our webpages, and we must be able to rename the photo file name(s) to be compatible with our system. We must also have the right to backup and archive all photos and information submitted. (Just like you need to backup the files on your computer, we too have to backup all files on our computers and servers).

We reserve the right to reject or delete any photo (or profile), without a reason given.

All model profiles must usually contain an email address that is viewable to the general public. Currently we do not have a system to block or hide an email address, so an email address in the models profile is usually necessary for a potential photographer to be able to contact the model. An exception would be if the model has a website, and can be contacted via her website (this information can be shown in her Bio). If a model does not want her email address shown in her profile, she must contact us so that we can remove it.

We (the staff or employees of, LLC) may email the model or call the model as may be necessary to confirm her profile, or to confirm if her email address is a valid email address. We may also contact the model from time to time to confirm if her profile is still valid. An email address that can not be reached is considered an invalid account, and is subject to deletion without notice. We do not give out the models phone number to anyone (general public). We request a phone number in the event that we can not contact the model via email, or to confirm her profile, etc. Again, we do not give out the models phone number to anyone, but an exception would be if the model chooses to show her phone number in her Bio. Another exception would be if we were required to do so by law.

If a model chooses to cancel her profile shown on the website(s), she may contact us and we will remove her profile promptly (usually within 24 hours).

We,, LLC, operate several model advertising websites, such as,,,,,,,,,,, etc. etc.

We,, LLC, are an advertising company, and we are not a modeling agency.

If you would like to have a profile on this website and you accept our rules above, you may proceed to Join if you choose to.

The rules are subject to change without notice.