Model #: 10445

Name: Serenity.Baby
Location: Roanoke, VA
Age: 23
About Me: Thanks for checking out my work! Please read on, I'll tell you a bit about myself, my interests, and you can decide if we'd work well together.

I LOVE what I do! I'm very comfortable with my body and I love expressing my sexuality in front of a camera. I am confident, poised, and committed to exceeding your photographic expectations.

As a model, I'm interested in alternative fashion, anything that captures my tattoos, and bringing a little sensuality to your photos. Shooting nudes, fantasy, fetish and erotic themes are all within my realm. I'm very comfortable in front of the camera, I know my lines, I know how to project emotion, I work hard, and I LOVE arousing ones senses! Also, I've been a volunteer fire fighter since I was 11 (as a junior member) and a first responder at 9/11. I can be very tough and feisty if needed. I do appreciate having a hair stylist available but have no problem showing up for shoots photo-ready. I have my my own wardrobe and also open to wearing whatever you provide.

I'm easy going but have high standards when it comes to professionalism. Just because I'm comfortable with my sexuality does not mean that you can touch me in any manner. Respect my boundaries, treat me professionally, and I will surprise you with my openness and candor.

I'm available for paid work. Please contact me for my rates. NO CHECKS!

If you're still interested in doing a shoot, please contact me here or via e-mail at with the subject as Model 430 (there's been a lot of scams).