Model #: 10361

Name: MsMontrose
Location: East Liverpool, Ohio
Age: 20
About Me: I am about to be 21 and currently enrolled in nursing school. Never really felt that I was the model type, however many have brought it to my attention that it could be something for me. I'm new to the whole scene, so I'm pretty flexible as far as assignments are concerned. I have 4 tattoos: gothic wings covering most of my back, crossed pistols on my lower black, feathers behind my right ear, and my favorite tattoo shop's logo on my right forearm. I plan to get more as soon as my wallet lets me. My ears are gauged to 0s and my navel is pierced. I have many other photos available. I'm not your avaerage model or nurse for that matter; I graduated from welding school and worked in that industry for a number of years. In my free time, I wrench on choppers with my boyfriend and coon hunt. As far as joining, I would like to be accepted for a number of reasons, the biggest being having the availability to so many others in the industry. I feel that I have more than enough potential to be successful in this line of work.