Model #: 10151

Name: kimm stilettos
Location: San Antonio, TX
Age: 19
About Me: residing in Texas i am a Spaniard/Mexican and German! i have been modeling for 2 years doing video modeling, show, car shows, gogo dancing, calanders, promotional work ect ... i go by the nickname stilettos which was given to me while in the sanl promo girls group.. i want to be in magazines such as low rider, that's hot, and hopefully PLAYBOY! i love lingerie modeling and sexy poses!

im currently attending San Antonio college for nursing.

i love and am open to traveling. I have done video modeling, calanders, car shows, music shows, gogo dancing ect.

my style varies i can be sexy, girly, or a tomboy or the girl next door

If you are interested in booking with me, please provide the following information along with your inquiry:

1) Location 2) Shoot Details (ie. style, props, companies or products being worked with, etc) 3) Pay (please just don't ask me what my rates are. The rates are on here.) 4) Travel Compensation (if more than 1 hour from my location) 5) Approximate date, time and duration of the shoot 6) Planned usage of the photos 7) Provisions for MUA, stylist, wardrobe, accessories, etc. 8) Contact information 9) Any additional information about you, your style, your work, your references which you feel may be appropriate. * I am willing to travel if expenses are paid for.